JoJo Discusses ‘True Confessions Of A Hollywood Starlet’ Role

Levesque spoke with reporters at the Television Critics Association confab in Los Angeles on Monday (July 14) about her upcoming Lifetime flick, ‘True Confessions of a Hollywood Starlet’, where the 17-year-old singer stars alongside Valerie Bertinelli in an unfamiliar role – a Hollywood train wreck.

“It is so different from who I am,” JoJo admitted. “I am so focused and I have all these different people around me, you know, keeping me kind of walled in, so to let loose and play drunk and trip out of my limousine. It was fun.”

While the Foxboro pop star said she’s a big fan of California, she stressed that “it’s important to separate what is real and what is fake.” The Lifetime movie airs August 9th at 9 PM ET/PT.

More details at have since been removed, as has a preview at

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  1. Jorey says:

    my Idol JOJO is the best
    she is amazing
    Go JoJo

  2. lexi says:

    I read this book and it was amazing!!

  3. cocoa says:

    I love your smile.
    be sure to write back!

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