JoJo Excited About Sophomore Album


After her big-screen debut ‘R.V.’ wraps shooting, tells MTV News she’ll put her acting duties aside and concentrate on music. “Next month I start work on my sophomore album, so I’m completely focusing my time on that,” the singer said of the follow-up to her 2004 self-titled debut, which she recorded almost two years ago. “You can expect some great people I’m working with on this new record. I can’t really say any names yet, because I want to keep it on the down low, but I’m so excited.” Read more.

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11 thoughts on “JoJo Excited About Sophomore Album

  1. ihatehilary says:

    Joel Madden Excited About JoJo Becoming A Sophomore

  2. concreterose says:

    ^ no, that’s Wilmer. Joel doesn’t care if your not legal.

  3. ihatehilary says:

    yes he does. ask benji. mmmmm, twinsex.

  4. lilsongwritergal says:

    Im not excited. JoJo sings so low, shes like a man. Its creepy.

  5. twistedpsykko says:

    BREAKING NEWS: Hilary Duff Killed by JoJo and Lohan, 12-Year Olds Swear Revenge

    Rest of The World Celebrates Death of Hilary Duff, JoJo Nominated for Nobel Prize

  6. astrange1 says:

    SHOCKING UPDATE: JOJO AND LOHAN FRAMED!!’, ‘It was revealed today that JoJo and Lindsay Lohan were set up by the real murderer – Haylie Duff!! Haylie was heard muttering “See if she can get anyone to carry her f**king dog in hell!!” as the police escorted her out of the Duff residence.

  7. twistedpsykko says:

    Murder Charges Against That Other Duff Dropped Today’, ‘All charges in Hilary Duff’s murder case were dropped today as everybody realized that they really didn’t care that Hilary Duff had been killed. The murderer, Hilary’s own sister…whatever her name is..left the courtroom free and laughing her ass off. The date of August 26th has now officially been named Hilary Duff’s Sister Day, in honour of her contribution to making the world a much, much better place.

  8. astrange1 says:

    Fallout in Duff Homicide Case’, ‘New fallout in the Hilary Duff murder case as Good Charlotte frontman Joel Madden suddenly snapped out of the trace he had appeared to be in most of the last year with no apparent memory of anything since he asked Duff for direction to the men’s room at the 2004 Much Music Awards. He was see shaking his head and crying, “I was dating WHO? I was wearing WHAT? I wrote the b*tch songs? Do I still have a career?” His brother Benji was seen with his arm around him and trying to console him. In another surprise, GC fans who have endured Joel’s pro-Hilary pronouncements, have begun a move to buy large quantities of Haylie Duff’s next album. “We don’t like her any more than her sister”, said one GC fan who asked to remain anonymous but insisted she was right that they were not dating, “but it’s the least we can do after all she’s done for us.”

  9. twistedpsykko says:

    BREAKING NEWS: HAYLIE DUFF JUST ANNOUNCED WINNER OF THE 2005 NOBEL PEACE PRIZE’, ‘Haylie Duff has just been awarded the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize for “changing the world for the better”. Duff, 19, was reportedly speechless receiving the award saying only “oh my god you remembered my name!” then crying hysterically. In other related news, Hilary Duff’s ex-boyfriend, Joel Madden officially came out with his twin brother Benji at the 2005 MTV Video Music Awards. Ironically, Joel and Hilary were rumoured to be coming out at the same show before she was killed.

  10. astrange1 says:

    Psychiatric profession notes Duff fallout’, ‘Psychiatrists and psychologists nationwide have been noting a similar effect among young girls as was reported happening to former Hilary Duff boyfriend Joel Madden. Tween girls everywhere have been coming out of a trance like condition and claiming no knowledge of the past few years. Consumer advocates have discovered the Lizzie McGuire television show contains subliminal messages and when you play the McGuire song “So Yesterday” backwards it says “You will do what ever Hilary Duff tells you at the count of three 1- 2- 3!!” In related news, Joel Madden revealed Duff played him a remixed version of “Come Clean” for him at the Much Music awards. “I told her I already heard it, but she insisted. She seemed like a nice kid and I didn’t want to hurt her feelings. I just wanted to take a p*ss. I don’t remember anything after that.” Experts alleged the remixed version Duff played for Madden contained the hidden message “I am your riot girl.”

  11. ihatehilary says:

    Haylie Duff: A Fraud Just Like Her Sister’, ‘As the Duff murders Duff case continues to twist and turn, it’s been rumored that Haylie Duff was actually framed, as was Lohan and JoJo before her. Us Weekly magazine claims to have received an anonymous call by a young woman claiming to be the real killer. In it’s latest issue, it states, “Haylie is exactly like her sister, well like her sister used to be [uncontrollable evil laughter]. It used to be a joke that she was Hilary’s clone, riding her coat-tails while disguising her real motives to over throw her sister’s tween-queen reign by playing the always obedient personal assistant to her younger sibling. The only difference between them was Haylie’s nose, but even that was soon overshadowed by Hilary’s teeth and quickly became last year’s hot topic. But maybe now Haylie can relish in the fact that she has finally peaked and tied with her sister, as she is now taking credit for something she did not do, such as Hilary used to do when it came to her make-up and songs on the last cd we’ll ever have to listen to by her that she stole off of her then boyfriend, Joel Madden of Good Charlotte.” Us continues to report, “I’M the one who killed her! I just let Haylie take the blame at first, until I could see the kind of reaction that would follow. I just killed her, I finally made my life worth livable again, I didn’t want to be killed by a cult of vengeful 12 year olds right after, you know?! But just like her sister, who I hope is burning in hell, she took all credit when she saw the public liked it! The only good thing I can say about her is that she used Hilary behind her back while putting on a facade, just like Hilary did to everybody else. She gave Hilary a taste of her own medicine, even though Hilary was either too full of herself or too stupid to figure it out. She was in Harvard [extension] you know.” When Us asked for the “killer” to identify herself, she said, “My name? You want my name? I’d be happy to give you my name! My name is [caller lost as two identical male voices are heard in the background asking the caller if she “wants to watch”].

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