JoJo Previews Her New Album In Minneapolis

JoJo previews her new album 'Jumping Trains' at Target headquarters in Minneapolis continued her tour with and Jay Sean, hitting Texas this week. The pop star recently stopped by the Target headquarters in Minneapolis to preview her new album ‘Jumping Trains’, which was documented in her latest webisode.

“The songs are quite personal,” says in the webisode. “I wanted to be transparent and honest, just keep it young and real and do something that I thought was a little bit different.”

“The reason that I decided to title the album ‘Jumping Trains’ after one of the songs was because not only the content of what I wrote in here, but because of what the act of actual freight hopping, or jumping trains symbolizes. It’s scary, it’s really dangerous, it’s risky, but if you make it, it’s worth the risk. I was inspired by back in the day during the prohibition era when people wouldn’t, hobos were freight hopping, not to get too historical but I am a history buff. I’m like, ‘Man, that is so dangerous. I wanted to take risks with this album. It’s such an important album for me. This is my third and this is my introduction into the market as an adult and as a songwriter and to really solidify myself as a vocalist, so there’s just great importance on this moment, and I wanted to bring that sense of urgency into the title and just with the entire atmosphere.”

Watch it via YouTube below.

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