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was on ‘Total Request Live’ on Tuesday to promote her new album and perform ‘Leave (Get Out)’. She also talked about touring with Usher, music she’s listening to, her first concert, and more. Read on for a rough transcript.

TRL: All right, that was number five, new found glory. It drops a spot.
The Wayan brothers are taking a much-deserved breather because they can’t
handle all the pressure. But I want to bring out the next guest. She has
her debut, she has been a staple on this show, she’s amazing. I hung out
with her at the beach house. She’s my girl, give it up and show some love
for JoJo.

[ Cheers and applause ]

JoJo: Hi.

TRL: Go see some love. You have some fans out there.

JoJo: Oh, my gosh.

TRL: Oh, wow. JoJo, this is the first time i have heard the whole crowd go crazy for you. You guys give it up for your girl. Look at you.

JoJo: I love you too.

TRL: All right, JoJo. So we’re going to get into this. You were actually
a fan of “TRL.”

JoJo: Yes.

TRL: And you watch the show. Have you been watching yourself on the countdown?

JoJo: Absolutely. It’s been incredible to see how it climbed the countdown and everything. Oh, thank you. It’s exciting.

TRL: I heard that on your website you were mentioning how like you said I was a seven and then i was a two and I want to get to number one.

JoJo: Absolutely. I keep my fans in the loop as far as where I am on
“TRL” on my website which is jojoonline.Com.

TRL: Very cool. Not only is this girl doing her thing with a beautiful
voice, inside and out, but you were touring with usher in Europe. So you’ve got it going on. What was that like?

JoJo: Usher is an incredible person. He’s an incredible performer, incredible person to look at. It’s been cool to learn, you know, the thanks — the
things that he can teach me.

TRL: Have you learned a move from him?

JoJo: Just the way he is it’s just — oh.

TRL: Cool. Listen, JoJo, this is craziness. I want you to pick some
fans to come up here to see you. Who do you want to bring up here real quick? We have the girls that will do ballet for you.

JoJo: Yes, I want those girls, that rain, sleet or snow, we come to
see JoJo.

TRL: Rain, sleet or snow, we come to see JoJo. Coming up right here.
All right.

JoJo: is my hero.

TRL: is the hero. All right. Get back into that. You’ll perform for us later. Come over here, girl. We’ll get to know you a little better. We’ll put you through a little quiz to get to know you. That’s coming up after this. Don’t go anywhere. “TRL” is coming back at ya.

[ Cheers and applause ]

TRL:> What’s up, y’all? Welcome back to times square. “TRL” is in full
effect. It has been a great show so far. We still have JoJo’s performance on the way. Which is going to be exciting, but first, we’d like to do something, when we have guests come on for the first time we’d like to get to know you and give the fans an insight on you. You want to get to know JoJo, right? So we have a little segment. I’m going to is you a few questions, just answer obviously truthfully. What is your favorite subject in school?

JoJo: I like things that involve writing, I like history. That was my

TRL: I history and writing?

JoJo: Yes.

TRL: Smart too. Triple threat. What are you listening to right now in
your iPod or CD player?

JoJo: I got my iPod today, so I’m excited to that. I’m listening to
Kanye West, The Darkness, R. Kelly and Aaliyah.

TRL: All right. What was your first concert you went to?

JoJo: There was a KISS concert and that was any fairs concert. Britney Spears and 98 Degrees was there. That was when they were first starting.

TRL: what your first album?

JoJo: It was Etta James, “7 year itch.” I like soul.

TRL: You can tell that in your performance. Last question, what would
you happen first, get your driver’s license or your album to go platinum.

JoJo: Oh, please. You know what I want. Platinum.

TRL: Okay. You can hire a chauffeur anyway. Are you nervous or excited?

JoJo: I’m both. It’s so great to be here. Thank you.

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    How does that make her a wigger? Because she’s likes the hip hop culture and likes black singers?

  3. MissBeehaven says:

    Yo what’s up wit all the WIGGER talk?

  4. blatina says:

    No, maybe you should have watched the show. Then you won’t have to ask. Maybe you should see her perform at her concerts, then you won’t have to ask.

  5. kchica16 says:

    Just because someone likes black singers and Hip Hop culture doesn’t make them a Wigger. And you say Wigger like its a bad thing. My brother is a “wigger” but not really because were half Dominican. But he looks white and he was raised by his white momma. I’m just saying, being a “wigger” or whatever is not bad.

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    Hey if this is JoJo happy birthday

    lol by Nelly

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