JoJo’s Like Totally Excited By TRL Airplay

posted a message to fans on her official website March 25th. She writes, “Hey party people! Oh my goodness, I just saw my video on TRL! Wow, that was sooooooooo cool! It’s just strange because all my life, I’ve watched MTV and now I’m actually on there! It was soo cool! I loved how the VJ’s talked about me! Wow, it was so embarrassing when they showed the footage of when I was younger. I was really crazy! I wish someone would have told me how foolish I was back then! It seemed like everyone was really feeling the video, and I’m just so excited! I got like 30 calls from my friends and family at the same time! They were just screaming! I’m so happy that they’re proud of me! Make sure you tell everyone to go out and vote for my video! You can go to and click on TRL or call 1800-DIAL-MTV (1800-3425-688) and vote for it! Wow, my heart is still beating out of control But, I probably shouldnt get too excited, I still have homework to do! Too much love- JoJo. P.S.- Still having guy trouble. Why must they be so confusing?”

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