Jon Bon Jovi Thinks Avril Lavigne Is Cute

Jon Bon Jovi stopped by the Howard Stern Show earlier today and was quizzed by Stern on what he thought of Avril Lavigne. John said he thinks Avril is cute so Howard asked him if he’d bang her. John said he might look for her mother, but not her. She’s too young for him. Howard said he’s full of it and he’d bang her.

Edges Closer To Britney On Lycos 50

August 6, 2002 – The new Lycos 50 came out today and continued her march up towards longtime most searched for celebrity Britney Spears. Avril jumped two spots to #6 while Britney jumped a notch to #4. A bigger jump than either was Shakira, who jumped seven spots to #10. Others on the list were Jennifer Lopez at #31 and at #49. The full list at has since been removed.

CTV Talks With Avril Lavigne’s Mother

August 6, 2002 – Canada’s CTV has a video clip on the country’s biggest music star of the moment, Avril Lavigne. The reporter talked with her mother Judy Lavigne in Ontario and they showed Avril’s younger sister Michelle. Judy says that her daughter has become more businesslike and more educated. The video has since been removed.

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One thought on “Jon Bon Jovi Thinks Avril Lavigne Is Cute

  1. PL says:

    haha this is funny. I wish I could have seen this on tv. Well, at least he doesn’t go for the young girls …sucks for me! :( It’s probably because he has a daughter that is probably only 10 years younger than Avril.

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