Jonas Brothers And Chevy ‘Gas Friendly To Gas Free’ Poster Contest

Nick, Kevin and Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers talk about their contest with ChevyAt every stop along the Burning Up Tour, Chevy is giving concertgoers a chance to meet the Jonas Brothers before the concert.

“We’ve joined forces with Chevy because they care as much about the environment as we do,” Kevin Jonas says in a promo clip.

Fans are asked to bring signs to the sibling pop trio’s concerts with a poster that includes the Jonas Brothers name, Chevy’s logo, and what gas friendly to gas free means to you. Those selected get VIP tickets to the show and a chance to hang out with the Nick, Kevin and Joe before they hit the stage.

Watch the promo clip below.

Jonas Brothers Sacramento Visit Highlights

Popstar magazine posted footage of the Jonas Brothers performing in Sacramento on July 16th at Hard Rock Cafe during an acoustic Radio Disney gig. At the event, Sacramento’s Mayor Heather Fargo declared the day to be ‘Jonas Brothers Day’ in California’s capital. They also got a look inside the sibling trio’s tour bus, which features a built in recording studio. The brothers were later seen rehearsing for their concert with Demi Lovato at the Sleeptrain Ampitheatre. The clip ends with Lovato performing followed by the Jonas Brothers. Watch it below.

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13 thoughts on “Jonas Brothers And Chevy ‘Gas Friendly To Gas Free’ Poster Contest

  1. Molly says:

    where do we enter for this?

  2. popdirt says:

    You bring the poster to the concert when it comes to your town and they have spotters outside the venue judging them.

  3. Mary Chiofalo says:

    I would like to know more about who was responsible for this
    contest and how to contact them Madison Square Garden on August 10th had no spotters. Apparently they took the first 3 posters that came and never bothered to look at all the posters. How horrible for the poor girls that worked their hearts out on the poster to not even be judged. A whole group was left to sweat in a confined area. The rules said that they had till 5:30 so for my 2 girls to be there at 3:30 and not to even be acknowledged I say shame on the promoters of this contest. They did not follow their own guidelines

  4. gaby says:

    the guys in the green shirts right

  5. kim says:

    what are the rules? like what needs to be in the poster

  6. Carly says:

    What are the rules and the requirements for the poster contest?

  7. Mar says:

    The newest thing is that there were so many girls that the Chevy people felt threatened and never came out on the first date but picked the first posters they saw. I forgot what the site was but Google Jonas Brothers and Chevy and it will take you to the forms and rules. JB should not participate with Chevy. Chevy is horrible and they are unfair.
    They are just trying to ride on the Jonas brothers fame. I will never buy a Chevy!!!!!!

  8. Taylor says:

    How many people will be able to win VIP tickets, and could we bring regular digital cameras?

  9. brittanycarlisle says:

    Joe Jonas I love them song is my favorite burning up
    look in the eyes sign my CD or poster for me thanks
    for a lot I make Chevy poster I so promise.


  10. Mom says:

    I felt horrible that my daughter didn’t even have a chance to show her poster. Chevy promoters should acknowledge everyone’s posters for the hard work that the fans put into them. My daughter worked very long and hard on it. They should judge all the applicants.. THIS CONTEST WAS A JOKE!

  11. jonasxxfan says:

    Ugh my concert is tomorrow and I have no idea what to do :[

  12. MOM says:

    Sunday 8-24 concert in Tinley Park, Chevy did not even look at 1/10th of the kids posters they brought there. They all just got thrown away and Chevy or the Jonas Brothers never saw them. Many disappointed children, and Chevy could care less.

  13. KC says:

    is this contest still going on for 2009 possibly July

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