Jonas Brothers Had A Vision For ‘3D Concert Experience’

Nick, Kevin and Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers at their 3D Concert Experience premiereKIIS-FM was on the red carpet of ‘Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience’ last week in Hollywood, where they talked with Joe about the his favorite part about working on the project and where they see themselves ten years from now, while Nick talked about their fans.

“I think it was being with your brothers, and being able to do this with your family,” Joe said. “We had a vision for this movie. We got the opportunity to be a part of Miley [Cyrus’] movie last year, and we were thinking to ourselves, ‘How could we put this and make this for the fans’, and it kind of just came together by itself. We had an idea and put the concept together and the tour really came together. We built the tour more around the idea for this movie, so there’s a lot of really cool effects that we used.”

Asked how he felt about their fans, Nick said, “We love our fans. We’re so happy they came out in such great numbers to support this movie tonight.”

Questioned where they see themselves ten years from now, Joe said, “I think hopefully doing the same thing. We love doing this and I think if we’re producing for other artists or just at home with the family doing this in our living room, I think we’ll always play music. We love doing this. It’s our heart.”

Watch the interview below.

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One thought on “Jonas Brothers Had A Vision For ‘3D Concert Experience’

  1. bcpl says:

    I hope this boys keep working on their dreams and never go different ways.

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