Jonas Brothers June 2009 Seventeen Cover Shoot

Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers, seen here giving the thumbs up after playing acoustic guitar, talks about the band's fashion going back to basics for the new album during his Seventeen magazine cover shootGo behind the scenes with Joe, Nick and Kevin Jonas of the at their Seventeen shoot and find out what the guys will be wearing this summer. Kevin talked about scarves, Nick talked about going with a back to basics look with jeans and t-shirts, while Joe talked about his favorite vintage t-shirts.

“I think the whole mood of this shoot is summertime fun, that’s what we’re all about,” Kevin explained.

Talking about the new album look, Nick said, “I think the way I’d describe our look for this album is more back to the roots styling. I think just more simple jeans and t-shirts look. We did the very dressed up type thing and we liked that and occasionally bust that out, but for the most part, it’s about just going back to basics.”

As for personal fashion, Nick said, “I wear the same jeans almost every day off the week. A.P.C. blue jeans are the best in the world and just my brown boots and I’m good to go.”

Watch via YouTube below.

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