Jonas Brothers ‘Paranoid’ Video Behind The Scenes

Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas of the Jonas Brothers 'Paranoid' behind the scenesBehind the scenes footage of the on the set of their ‘Paranoid’ music video has been posted online.

The sibling pop trio (Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas) talk about the concept of the video and some of the things they got to do in the treatment, some aided by CGI. The song is off the band’s new album ‘Lines, Vines and Trying Times’, in stores June 16th on Hollywood Records.

“The concept is, we’re in this world that is so obscure. So paranoid,” Kevin Jonas explained. “We’re always looking over our shoulders. New things are happening. It’s very visual. We wanted it to be something we haven’t done before. There’s gonna be tons of CGI work in this video as well. We’ve done things in different speeds. Different motions. It will seem like we’re walking in one speed and people are running in slow motion past us and we’ll be singing in slow motion but walking in real time. It’s crazy. There’s gonna be things that are happening all around us that are gonna be so cool. People disappearing. There might be a million of me.”

Watch via YouTube below.

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