Jonas Brothers Shoot ‘Paranoid’ Video In The Desert

Nick Jonas checked in with fans on the Twitter page (@Jonasbrothers) moments ago, talking about shooting the ‘Paranoid’ video, the first single off their upcoming fourth album ‘Lines, Vines and Trying Times’, out June 16th. ‘Paranoid’ is set to premiere on radio and online Friday (May 8). Nick writes:

In the middle of the desert shooting a piece for our new music video. So excited for all of you to see it. – Mr. President

Chelsea Staub On What To Expect Musically With ‘JONAS’

Chelsea Staub spoke with Popstar! magazine about the music aspect of the Jonas Brothers’ new series ‘JONAS’, which premieres tonight on the Disney Channel. “The way we approach music on our show, there are more like music videos as opposed to concert scenes or breaking out into song in the middle of a hallway,” Staub said. “So I was able to be present in some of the music videos. Some of them are really funny, you’ll have to wait and see.”

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One thought on “Jonas Brothers Shoot ‘Paranoid’ Video In The Desert

  1. Brittany says:

    mr.president aka: Nick I would like for you and the Jonas Brothers to know that you’ll did a very good job on ur new video “paranoid” its great and Joe I love the new hair its awesome Kevin your still looking great and Nick of course my dream husband you are growing up so fast and ur just rly getting much mature looking its not a bad thing though its an awesome thing but I’m brittany I’m 14 years old and I know how much you hate those screaming gurls who always chase after you every where you go and I don’t blame you but look for me at the new orleans concert I will be their with my mom and ill be rockin and having a great time and not caring what people think of me but Nick seriously look for me because we could maybe date. I love you mr.president, danger, and k2 god bless youll! p.s. tell bonus Jonas I say hey!

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