Jonas Brothers Visit ‘GMA’

The Jonas Brothers visited ‘Good Morning America’ on Friday (November 23) in New York City to discuss their American Music Awards experience, where they met Celine Dion, having a #1 hit on iTunes with ‘SOS’, and their dedicated fans.

On meeting artists they admire at the American Music Awards, Joe said, “We met and Beyonce and some others, and they’re just amazing. We were like, wow, this is so cool.” Kevin added, “Yeah, it was amazing. We met Celine Dion and she was singing all of the words to our songs and singing them to us. We’re like, ‘This is the most unbelievable day ever.'”

For his part, Nick said, “There was a couple of really cool people. Lenny Kravitz was actually pretty awesome. We didn’t get to meet him which I was pretty upset about, but he was there and he performed and it was unbelievable.”

Talking about the success of ‘SOS’, Kevin said, “When the song went to #1, we were so honored. We’re just happy that our fans are the best fans in the world. They show up so early. We love you guys and thank you.”

The interview video at has since been removed.

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