Jonas Brothers Visit Their Grandparents In Phoenix

The checked in with fans on their blog at MySpace (@jonasbrothers) on Saturday (July 12). The sibling pop trio write, “Today we had a show in Phoenix, Arizona. It was good to go back. We lived in Arizona for almost 2 years. Joe was actually born here. The first thing we did when we landed in Arizona was go see our Grandparents. Our Grandfather just got out of the hospital. So glad he is doing better. He was still not able to come see us but we were glad we were able to go see him. It was SO hot in Phoenix today. We had a large meet and greet and stood outside for a long time greeting almost 400 people.”

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2 thoughts on “Jonas Brothers Visit Their Grandparents In Phoenix

  1. Jane Shee says:

    Jonas Brothers is the best teen boy band today. I go gaga whenever I see Joe Jonas on TV or in live concerts. Wish I could get an autograph.

  2. chloe says:

    Jonas Brothers parents are so lucky to have grandsons that are so talented and are gentlemen,respectful,and people are inspired by them you should be so proud of them. the Jonas Brothers are my idols.they are my inspirations because I hate going to school because people call me names like fat and ugly. and ever since I’ve become a fan of the Jonas Brothers they have made me feel good about myself.the Jonas Brothers are my rock. Jonas grandparents you should be so proud to call them your grandsons.they are amazing role models for the whole world to you guys.and keep doing what you are doing you inspire millions of people every day xoxoxoxo

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