Jordan McCoy ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’ Acoustic & Fergie Feud

Jordan McCoy performs 'Big Girls Don't Cry'Jordan McCoy posted an acoustic cover of Fergie’s biggest solo hit ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’ at her MySpace TV channel. The Bad Boy artist is still upset about the backstory surrounding the song, which was initially shopped around because it apparently didn’t fit the them of her debut album ‘The Dutchess’.

This is what Wikipedia has to say about the issue:

Eventually, the song was sold to Bad Boy Records, where it was handed to Jordan McCoy. McCoy’s team felt they had a huge hit on their hands and quickly recorded the song, assuring Fergie and her management that they were going to release it as a single.

However, according to McCoy, after Fergie heard their finished version, she had a change of heart and recorded the song as well. Without the knowledge of Bad Boy Records, Fergie went ahead and tagged it on to her album at the last minute. Jordan and her team were upset by Fergie’s decision, scrapped the entire project and considered suing Fergie. However, because Fergie co-wrote the song, she had partial ownership and they could not sue her.

Watch the “cover” and a clip about the controversy comparing the two recordings – which Jordan posted on her YouTube – below.

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One thought on “Jordan McCoy ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’ Acoustic & Fergie Feud

  1. barbieeeee says:

    Fergie’s version sounds way better, I don’t think if Jordan would have released it first it would be as big a hit it was… plus she’s on bad boy that kinda lets you know right there that unless your sleeping with Diddy (i.e. Cassie) yours not gonna get the support you need

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