Jordan McCoy Covers Belinda Carlisle’s ‘I Get Weak’

checked in with fans with a video clip on her YouTube channel, where the Bad Boy pop star got on an almost empty flight to New York City. Arriving at the airport, the teen did an a’cappella cover of Belinda Carlisle’s hit ‘I Get Weak’. Jordan said she was in town to meet with Nickelodeon.

Jordan also wrote on her MySpace blog this morning:

How crazy is it that a plane is THAT empty to NYC!? I was shocked… i wanted to put my stickers on all the seats so it looked like there were more people, but then I was afraid they wouldn’t come off and I’d get arrested or something. LOL! now THAT would be crazy…

I sang almost my entire album to the driver on our way to our hotel! hahahah, I think he liked it though!! :D love you guys!!! hope you’re having an AWESOME weekend! I think I’m going to go see Batman today! im soo excited, i’ll let you know what I think!

<333333333 mwah love ya xoJM

Watch the video below.

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