Jordan McCoy Not Allowed To Go To Prom

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@jordanmccoy) on Thursday (April 10) with the following message:

Heyyy! Guys im so bummed! I went to public school until the 2nd half of my fresh. year of high school. I’ve been home schooled ever since, and I’m about to graduate! (can you believe it?!) anyway! – since I’m in home school there’s no way of determining what “grade” I’m in, and prom’s for juniors and seniors.

So- one of my best friends from my hometown asked me to prom this year, but since they can’t prove I’m in the right grade, my old high school’s not letting me go! It’s my last chance to go to a real prom, because by next year I’ll be out of school. It’s just really, really sad…. :(

But! I’m still visiting my hometown soon.. videos for my YouTube! <33
Love you all, and hopes everyone has a great time at prom if your school lets you go ;)

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