Jordan Pruitt Discusses LA Visit & 18th Birthday Plans

Jordan Pruitt checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace on Thursday (March 26), talking about her visit to Los Angeles, working on her new album, hanging out with the Jonas Brothers and her 18th birthday. The rumored new girlfriend of Nick Jonas writes:

Hey Guys!
I was in LA for two days! And I had a ton of stuff to do on this trip! There’s some really cool stuff in the works, but it’s too early to tell you guys all the details! The second day I was in LA I had four meetings, and they all got cancelled because I had to put some finishing touches on a new song I recorded for my album! It was so much fun! Recently I’ve gotten to work with some very talented artists and musicians and we wrote a really cool song together! Oh more exciting news…I’m buying a car for my 18th birthday! It’s a Lexus Hybrid SUV! And it’s really really safe! Super excited! I might even have a HUGE 18th Birthday party if I’m not working! Now I’m headed home for a few days, finishing the rest of high school, probably going to hang out with my friends, and write more music! I love going home because everything is very laid back and simple. You could even say I’m a little boring when I’m home haha! But I like boring ;)
Well hopping on a plane….Hope you guys are amazing!
Oh… And I ran into the Jonas Brothers while I was in California too! And they were very sweet…like always!


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