Jordan Pruitt MySpace Hacked

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@jordanpruitt) on Saturday (December 1). The Franklin, Tennessee singer writes:

Hey guys! I have a few new things going on. I’ve been out of town for a week, and just read all your comments. I just found out that someone has been hacking into my MySpace. This person sent out bulletin of spam, that I am truly sorry if you opened. I was just informed about this today, and changed my email and password. I truly feel sorry for people that feel the need to break into someone’s personal MySpace and give all my fans a virus on their computer!!! With that said, hopefully this kind of thing won’ t happen again. On the bright side, I’ve just been asked to perform at The White House on Easter Sunday!!! I’m super excited and will tell you more about it later!!! I love you guys and I am truly [sorry] about that MySpace hacker! God Bless Everyone…. Jordy

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