Jordan Pruitt Returns Home For Thanksgiving

Jordan Pruitt

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@jordanpruitt) on Tuesday (November 25). The Nashville pop singer tells readers:

Hey guys!!!!

I am at home for the Thanksgiving week and lovin’ it. Going back to church and seeing some friends and hanging out:)And getting excited about my mom and dad cooking a big Thanksgiving dinner:}

I do have a lot of school work to catch up , I have started my senior year!!!!!

I miss Nastia and Shayla from The Gym Tour..we keep in touch and I am meeting them in CA and FL and some others that were on tour with us, too. I will be posting new pics and info on, too from the tour. I did a cartwheel on the last show and people were playing lots of tricks on eachother, too!!!!

Thanks for requesting “My Shoes” on Radio Disney and moving it up the charts to NUMBER 19!!!! It will soon be out on ITUNES:}

Have a safe and blessed Thanksgiving!!!!!!JP

PS please remember those in need this holiday season!!!!Pray for the soldiers that are fighting for our freedom and for their families:} My friend, Ravin just got back from Iraq, Praise the Lord…

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