Jordin Sparks Angry About ‘Battlefield’ Leak

Jordin Sparks

expressed her frustration earlier today after her new album ‘Battlefield’ was leaked to the internet more than two weeks before its release date. The ‘American Idol’ season six winner writes on her Twitter (@TheRealJordin):

Is SO angry right now. We give you promo copies for you to listen to. NOT to post all over the Internet. Jerks. >:O

Sorry! It’s just so frustrating! If it was up 2 me I wouldn’t give copies. It’s not my call. I get a few days b4 the album but 2 weeks!? Cmon!

Phew! Okay. I’m over it. Ha. I got so angry in like 2.5 seconds… but I’m good. BATTLEFIELD comes out JULY 21ST! you grab a copy! :)

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2 thoughts on “Jordin Sparks Angry About ‘Battlefield’ Leak

  1. Jairus the Jordin Fan says:

    I totally hate all those people who leaked all her songs on the internet! The girl works hard! Give her the due credit! I’ll buy her album and I’ll even buy 3 copies. One for me, and I’ll give the 2 other copies to my friends to promote Jordin.

  2. Andrew says:

    Don’t understand, only 2 tracks leaked, not the whole album.

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