Jordin Sparks Has Gotten Over Her Self-Image Issues

Jordin Sparks, seen here waving to the camera, says 'I'm good with myself and who I am' released her second album ‘Battlefield’ earlier this week, and the ‘American Idol’ season six winner spoke with Shin’s ‘The Thread’ about her music, maturing after dealing with self-image issues, being thinner but never wanting to be a size 2, how extensions have changed her life, fashion, and how she puts a fishing tackle box to good use organizing her jewelry.

“I was always really tall,” Sparks said. “I developed a lot faster than other girls, and I obviously am a lot curvier, so I kind of had some issues with that when I was younger, but I never resorted to anything crazy. Now it’s one of those things were I’m, ‘You know what, I’m okay.’ There are some days I can look in the mirror and go, ‘I’m good’. I’m good with myself and who I am. I’m fine with where I’m at in life. Things are going really, really well. There’s also those days where I’m, ‘Somebody put a bag over my head please, because this is not working.'”

The interview video at has since been removed.

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