Jordin Sparks Not Amused By ‘American Idol’ Treatment Of Jesse Hamilton

’ may have stepped in it on Wednesday night with one of the vocally challenged contestants, re-enacting three of Jesse Hamilton’s recent near-death experiences using southern stereotypes. His tryout also had guest judge Mary J. Blige laughing cruelly while he was singing. One person not laughing was a prior ‘Idol’ champ, Jordin Sparks, who told her Twitter followers (@TheRealJordin):

Jesse Hamilton. Bless his heart. Those cheap dramatizations weren’t funny.

Atleast I didn’t think so. Anyway, the girl from South Dakota was adorable!!

Other comments on Twitter:

@annkpowers Extremely offended by the Bama bashing that happened on Idol tonight. Jesse Hamilton deserved better, bad voice or not.

@KelliCreed @TheRealJordin I agree, those spoofs on Jesse Hamilton weren’t funny. I’m from the south, stuff like that is a little offensive

@OkieMom_n_Vegas @VegasRockDog I know. Mary J. Blige was particularly cruel. I would never have expected that from her. So wrong.

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