Josefin Feels 2010 Will Be A Great Year

Josefin Glenmark checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@josefinglenmark) on Monday (February 15), discussing how 2010 is shaping up for her and her music. The Swedish pop singer writes:

They say this is a good year. The numbers are right. I can tell you, I feel this is a GREAT year. Everything about it is right. Right time! Right feeling! To mature as a person has proven itself to be a good thing for me and my music. Especially with my writing. I have more to write about these days. Things are still moving right along. I know, it might seem that things are taking forever. Well, one who waits……
I’m waiting for the right moment, the right people and then we will give you everything! I will start my new journey this year. I hope you will join me!

Just have patience. I still do…….

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