Josh Hoge Blasts “Fu**ing Douche” Kanye West

Add to those upset with Kanye West for spoiling Taylor Swift’s Video Music Awards win last night. The singer songwriter told his Twitter followers (@joshhoge):

Taylor Swift has sold 10 million albums in 3 years! Kanye West has sold 9 million albums in 5 years. She’s ALSO beating you! You fu**ing douche.

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2 thoughts on “Josh Hoge Blasts “Fu**ing Douche” Kanye West

  1. Katrina says:

    Kanye has no talent, just a big mouth. He would never have tried that with someone like Pink because she’d have smacked him upside his stupid head with the award and booted his a** back to whatever ghetto he crawled out from.
    Taylor deserved better than to be treated like that by a worthless pile of cr*p like Kanye.

  2. Michelle says:

    he is a total douche for doing that to Taylor what a freaking loser he is nothing but a trash plain and simple but kudos to Beyonce she is a total class act.l

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