Josh Hoge Home For A Bit After Lengthy Tour

updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@joshhoge) on Friday (May 8) after wrapping up nearly seven months on the road. The singer songwriter tells readers:

I’m home for a little while (actually headed on a much needed vacation this week) then I’m around the homestead until the summer tour starts June 18. The dates are shaping up, and hopefully we will have another 6-7 still added. Other than that, I am writing my butt off in late May-mid June. I have a lot of ideas running thru this brain (see it does work sometimes) that I’m hoping to share with you really soon!

It’s official that and myself are going to be doing a sort of an “exclusive” holiday tour. I know it’s super early but I am really excited about this! 1. I love Tony 2. The concept I think is super See we are only going to be doing like 15-20 shows in select markets as sort of a “one night only”. We will each play a set (sharing a broken down intimate band) and then end the night together playing a 30 min set singing each others songs, our favorite covers etc! When these dates are finally posted, you will not want to miss this! :)

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