Josh Hoge Works With Geico To Prevent Distracted Driving

checked in with his MySpace (@joshhoge) fans on Friday (April 9), talking about how he’s teaming up with Geico on a campaign to discourage distracted driving. Hoge writes:

Some may know this, but if not, a while back I partnered up with Geico (yes the insurance company & no I haven’t met the cavemen yet) to work with them on a new campaign they are starting. Its geared towards “teen driving”, and basically deals with all the things that come along with being safe & responsible on the roads etc. The amount of deaths and accidents caused these days by distracted driving (cell phones, iPods, texting, etc) is as high as ever. I in the last year or 2 have banned myself from these things while driving, and this is coming from someone that doesn’t fly so I drive 100’s of thousands of miles each year on tour. So Geico asked me to write and record a song for their campaign starting up. I wrote and recorded the song “Drive On” one afternoon in Nashville. It basically just sends the message to stay focused on what life has in store for us in general and down the road (and of course for young teens just starting to drive). Its posted on my music player on the main page so check it out, and also a quick little video we shot when I was in DC a few months back. There will be lots of things coming in the future with sites such as (to name a few) & also a way to download this song for free so if you like it stay tuned. Hopefully this whole thing will catch on and even become big enough to be a national ad campaign through television and everywhere to make people more aware…

Thanks for the support and I look forward to seeing you guys on the road this summer.

Peace & Love,

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