Joss Stone: Paris Hilton Not Cut Out For Prison

When it was pointed out to Joss Stone that had been released from prison, Joss exclaimed, “Are you serious!? Bless her little heart, she’s not cut out for it.” Pictures and video from Splash have since been removed.

Why NBC Nightly News Skipped

June 8, 2007 – NBC Nightly News host Brian Williams blogged about their decision to not discuss news of Paris’ early release from jail, while ABC’s World News with Charles Gibson and the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric did devote time to the development. “Nobody mentioned at our afternoon editorial meeting,” Williams explained. “She won’t make the broadcast tonight, but if there’s a larger, legitimate story to be done concerning allegations of a two-tier justice system, perhaps we’ll do that someday. It’s not like there will be any shortage of coverage for those who can’t live without the details: just stick around until the shows that follow ours on our many different affiliates.” Read more.

Not Everyone Is Outraged About Paris’ Release

June 7, 2007 – Henry Trappler of, who frequently talks with Paris, her family, and her publicist Elliot Mintz, spoke about his delight with the news the heiress was released to home confinement on Thursday. “She is not technically free and will remain under house arrest with an ankle bracelet,” he writes. “Nevertheless, it is a million times better than being in that shocking prison. I am so relieved that she will be able to sleep in her cozy bed in her beautiful house.” has since shut down.

No Fruit Basket For Paris Hilton

June 7, 2007 – Conan O’Brien joked during his Late Night monologue on Wednesday night, “Paris Hilton is in prison. Officials say, they had to turn away a delivery man, who was trying to bring Paris a fruit basket. They turned him away, yeah. After hearing about it, Paris said, ‘Can I just have the banana?'”

Bill O’Reilly Raging Over Paris Hilton Jail Release

June 7, 2007 – Paris is out of jail, but is she getting special treatment. ‘The O’Reilly Factor’ host Bill O’Reilly is pointing the finger at LA County Sheriff Lee Baca for giving the heiress special treatment, and spoke with investigative reporter Pat Lalama and defense attorney John Patrick Dolan about the situation. Video at has since been removed.

Katie Couric Needs To Utter The Name Paris Hilton

June 7, 2007 – Though Katie Couric told a forum in Boston last month that “we have a precious amount of time on the CBS Evening News and I don’t think we need to ever utter the name Paris Hilton,” the heiress’ early release from jail apparently changed that policy. Couric introduced Bill Whitaker’s report on the CBS Evening News on Thursday night: “The bar for outrage over celebrity behavior is set pretty high in Hollywood these days, but Paris Hilton’s very early release from jail has brought howls of protest and cries of a double standard.” Watch Whitaker’s report below the cut.

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