JP Tomich Shows The Love For Avril Lavigne

Contributed anonymously: JP Tomich is the pro snowboarder who snowboarded with Avril that one time at Mt. Hood. In this month’s Snowboarder magazine they have an interview with him and this is part of it.

Interviewer: Two more words: Avril Lavigne!
JP: Oh yeah! Avril Lavigne, what a gal. Who would’ve thought that a kid like myself would have the opportunity to go chill with a rock star like “Aves” at Mount Hood? That girl is very attractive. Avril, feel free to call me 801-***-****

Interviewer: Did you tell her you were a skater?
JP: Yeah, wouldn’t you? More or less I was just stoked to be around her for a day and night.

Interviewer: Is that when you went and made things so complicated?
JP: If you call taking tequila shots complicated, then yeah, things did get complicated.

Gob Get A Good Reaction From Fans

June 6, 2003 – Australia’s Beat magazine caught up with Gob guitarist Theo Goutzinakis who talked about the band’s current tour with Avril Lavigne. “Avril is cool,” Goutzinakis said. “We’re pretty busy on tour but when we have time we take our boards out and have a skate. She’s actually a pretty good skateboarder. I was impressed.” He also talked about how the band hooked up with Lavigne on tour and the positive reaction the band has received from Avril’s fans. “We got asked out to tour with Avril and so far it’s been great,” Goutzinakis explained. “At first we were a little worried that Avril’s audience wouldn’t understand where we were coming from but the feedback so far has been all positive.”

Wants To Cuddle A Koala Bear

June 1, 2003 – tells the Herald Sun her mission was to “cuddle a koala bear” while in Australia. “I love them and also kangaroos. I always watch them on television wildlife shows back home when I can,” Lavigne said. “One of the things I asked for when I knew I was coming here was a meeting with a koala.”

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