Judd Cashes In After J.Lo Marriage

Hello Magazine reports Jennifer Lopez has rewarded her new husband, Cris Judd, with a whopping $1.5 million plus pay raise. Judd is J.Lo’s director of choreography, and has directed one of her music videos.

A friend of the pair said, “They are very much in love and Cris has nothing to prove. Jennifer was concerned that he might suffer in her shadow and so has promoted him to try and raise his self-esteem. This is a way of Cris having some independence and some cash of his own.”

Christina Milian Didn’t Want Play

October 15, 2001 – Christina Milan talked to Teen magazine and admits she gave up the song Jennifer Lopez made a hit, Play, saying, “Originally, I’d written that song for myself. She wasn’t even involved in it. I had written it with some producers, and they told me the idea of what they wanted me to write. So I wrote the song, and we recorded the demo. But then I was like, ‘You know what?’ I had just written, like a week before, my song ‘AM to PM’–which is my single out right now–and ‘AM to PM’ is a party song, and so is ‘Play.’ So, I was like, ‘You know what? I don’t want two party songs on my album.”

J.Lo’s Flack Comments On Anthrax Scare

October 11, 2001 – WENN talked to Jennifer Lopez’s publicist, Alan Nierob, following reports that a package suspected of containing the deadly anthrax virus was sent to American Media but addressed to Lopez. Said Nierob, “It’s an unsubstantiated fact that has no merit to it whatsoever. It really doesn’t even warrant a comment.” Lopez is currently spending her honeymoon with Cris Judd following their wedding September 29.

Anthrax Scare Intended For J. Lo?

October 9, 2001 – Newsweek is reporting that the anthrax situation at American Media in Florida may have origins from a “weird love letter to Jennifer Lopez” according to a source. The letter contained a “soapy, powdery substance” and in the pile of that a cheap Star of David charm. Read more.

J.Lo’s Spending Subject Of SNL Satire

October 7, 2001 – Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update joked last night, “A source says that Jennifer Lopez purchased a $120,000 gold Cadillac to match her sunglasses, and reportedly spent $15,000 on her wedding day hairdo. Experts say J.Lo’s spending shows that she is well on her way to a hilarious ‘Behind the Music.'”

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