Judge Jessica Simpson Afraid Of Losing Fans

While judge is ecstatic to work with Wade Robson on his new MTV reality show, she’s not happy it is her job to give these hopefuls the boot. She tells Extra, “He’s one of the best choreographers in the business and he’s an amazing dancer. I’m the one who has to eliminate, so that’s not my personality at all. Hopefully I don’t lose fans.”

Jessica Simpson Aims To Be Julia Roberts Of Music

August 28, 2003 – Star magazine reports that with Jessica Simpson set to play a sexy superheroine in the new ‘Fantastic Four’ movie, she has lofty goals on the footsteps she wants to follow. “What Id like to be is the Julia Roberts of music,” she said. “A wholesome beauty, but also sexual.”

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3 thoughts on “Judge Jessica Simpson Afraid Of Losing Fans

  1. Madfan says:

    Jessica “The” Simpson(s) has fans?

  2. HoneyRain says:

    HOLD UP!!! wait a freaking minute.. Jessica Simpson.. judging DANCERS??? does anyone else see what’s wrong with this picture??? she can’t even dance herself so who is she to eliminate anyone?? if they wanted a celebrity judge.. they should get Britney, Beyonce, or Mya.. but not Jessica!! my goodness.

  3. SheilaSheila says:

    Okay, newsflash, guys: ever wonder WHY MTV always asks Jessica Simpson to do their little “extras” here & there like with “Newlyweds,” working the red carpet for them during awards shows, & now this new dance show? They obviously know better than to even bother asking the successful ones in the entertainment business like Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, & Mandy Moore. They’re all too busy! She’s been trying to break in the business since the ’90’s, & it’s just not happening for her. Nobody even knows who she is! She has no fans, she sells no records, her songs are never on the radio, & her videos are never on MTV or even VH1 – where all music videos go to die. So, now, she’s basically an MTV employee. lol Too bad. During a recent Dallas radio station phone interview, the first thing she said to Kidd Kraddick was, “I cannot BELIEVE my video isn’t on TRL, and Dream’s is.” Only superstars can afford this kind of arrogance! She doesn’t have the chops or the charisma to carry it off.

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