Judging Female Artists On Their Voice Alone

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Someone here once posted that female artists are way more criticized for their voices than men and that is true. I don’t understand why there is a need to constantly criticize artists. If a female artist comes out who writes their own music, and has good songs will get judged for not having a strong enough voice. I think that it takes a lot more to be an artist than simply judging their voices. I would much rather hear an honest singer, who writes their own songs and speaks their mind with an original style…than hear someone boring with a great voice. I am not making a dig at them, but fans do this a lot.

Because Christina is considered to have an unusually good voice, they judge other artists on a higher pedestal because of it. Even though Christina doesn’t write her songs herself, and doesn’t have the most original songs. I like her music and she CAN sing, but there is more to base an artist on than just their voices. Bob Dylan had a horrible voice, but he is an icon. Because of his songwriting and original and unusual sound. I think it’s time for people to open their minds more about music, than to simply say “she doesn’t have a strong voice she sucks”. And it is only girl artists that people say that about. Because male rockers or pop stars don’t exactly have the best voices and they are considered great. But when a female comes out who doesn’t sing like Whitney or Mariah, will get criticized for it.

I am not a Britney Spears fan but not because of her horrible voice (lol) but because her songs don’t mean anything to me and her style is not my cup of tea. But people like Michelle Branch, had okay voices and she plays her own instrument and writes her own songs…will never be complimented without being followed by “but she can’t sing though”. I think that if every singer who came out had a strong voice would be boring.

I think a female artist shouldn’t always be judges solely on their voice. Because what they lack in extreme vocal skills, they can make up in other ways. Originality, songwriting, musical instruments, hot beats, or just good songs. I am just saying that certain female singers who come out and are good will not get the credibility they deserve simply because they don’t have a classically strong voice. But most people don’t. There are way more things that make an artist than their voices. Of course they should be able to sing to a degree, but I am saying it is wrong to judge talented people, and to hate them because they don’t have this strong voice. I think there are many more important characteristics to an artist than that.

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