Julia Volkova Reacts To Lena Katina’s New Single

Julia Volkova close-upJulia Volkova checked in with her Twitter followers (@JuliaVolkova), talking about her upcoming solo work, wanting to head out to perform for the fans, and the new single that came out from her former bandmate Lena Katina, entitled ‘Never Forget’. Listen to the track at YouTube. Julia wrote the messages in English and Russian, so the Russian posts are rough Google translations, but she appeared to not be impressed too much with Lena’s new song. She writes:

Guys I have not heard the new single Lena, I can not say) and it is online?

I want to come see u so much, but we have problem with organization (((((((( I know you are sad, like me(((((

Well, just listen )))))))))) style similar to my tracks, but I like to rock a little left) nicely all these years between us

I like lyrics, but music is usual, it’s not a single (((((((((((((( there is no culmination! And I know Lena can [do] more

I miss you so much!!!!!!

I’m working on new material, she decided to start with Russian songs

From here you need to sing in Russian, but we already have all the fashion they sing in English .))))) for whom??

I don’t want to do album special…. I’ll do singles and then album

I want to change the music in this songs and I think so

I will be in Russian and English)))) music is still in Europe but with Russian text

Guys we broke up in 2008, I gave birth, had to be alone with myself, my family, rest not just to model, especially solo

Ok, I should go!!! I Love you and Kiss you

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