July Has Been A Crazy Month For Gabriella Cilmi

checked in with fans on her official web site’s blog on Thursday (July 29), discussing her shows in the UK, shooting the ‘Defender’ music video, and performing with Marc Cerrone in October. The Australian pop singer writes:

Today is the first day off I have had in ages…sorry I have been out of reach, July has been a crazy, CRAZY month.

I’ve been mainly been spending my time zooming all around the UK playing MASSIVE radio events, kicking off at the MEN Arena in Manchester! The crowds have been crazy. Thank you to anyone who came to check out my little shows! Hopefully I’ll have a tour of my own coming up, I can’t wait to play a full set and work on a bit more of a show!

Another big deal….I filmed the “Defender Video”!!!!!!! We filmed it in Chelmsford’s water factory. There was lime scale falling from the walls (eww) and it was quite cold and lonely looking, but it had just the right character for the video. The video’s story line follows a girl (that would be moi) leaving behind one world, stripping back everything that hides who she truly is and then going into battle to protect someone or something she believes in….but that’s my little secret ;)

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