‘Just Whitney’ Is Houston’s Second Best Of Her Career

Ernest Hardy of LA Weekly is rallying to the defense of following the release of her latest album ‘Just Whitney’, which hasn’t received much commercial success. Hardy says, “Dubbed dead before it even hit shelves, ‘Just Whitney’ is nowhere near the disaster that many have claimed. It’s easily the second best overall effort of Houston’s career (coming in right behind 1998’s admittedly sleeker, relatively baggage-free ‘My Love Is Your Love’, with which it shares roughly the same ratio of gems to duds). Even more easily, Whitney trumps other recent (and for the most part critically and commercially disappointing) comeback attempts by such R&B stalwarts as Mariah Carey, Toni Braxton, Deborah Cox and TLC. These are truly hard times for divas.” Read more.

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One thought on “‘Just Whitney’ Is Houston’s Second Best Of Her Career

  1. jazzprofounder says:

    I notice that many people are ALWAYS saying that Whitney needs to ditch Bobby because he’s the one that made her do drugs. She was the one that made herself do drugs. Nobody can make you do anything, it’s a matter of choice. Whitney doesn’t need to ditch Bobby, she needs to ditch the drugs. Being married to Bobby might be a backlash of controversy against her career, but hey, THEY ARE STILL MARRIED..so obviously, they are committed to each other. And in my opinion, they are probably a real example of husband and wife, who are supposed to be there for each other “FOR BETTER AND FOR WORSE”. Do people think that marriages are supposed to be about fairy tales and magic? No. Marriage is real. And so far, I think Bobby and Whitney are proving their life together as warriors to the end. And besides, they have a child together. She shouldn’t have to ditch Bobby just because the whole world thinks he’s a thug. That’s just wrong. Whitney will always be remembered for what she has contributed to music history in the eyes of kids and other people that inspire to listen to her old songs today. So why not just honor what she made in the past and hope that God will bless her for hopefully some more hits in the future.

    But we have to admit that both Whitney and Mariah have attempted to reign back on the music scene with inspirational, and extraordinarily beautiful lyrics and music, and truly deserve to be recognized for the content of their albums and the story behind it, not by how many was sold. Mariah has more of a dramatic and touching story to her album. The charmbracelet she wears represents the independent growth, light, reflections, and images of her bitter sweet memories of a child divided between race and apathy, her family, her security, and her father, who sadly died, which inspired her to write one of the most personal songs she has ever written and expressed on all her albums combined. Whitney’s album, however, might not be as more in depth as Mariah’s Charmbracelet, but she speaks of her anger towards the paparazzi, expresses her love for Bobbi, for God, and for her wings of grace. Whitney might be doing drugs for all we know, she’s still has a heart worth more than gold. Both of these women shouldn’t be criticized negatively, they had given us beautiful music, inspired us to life, and had achieved more success than most artists that try to compete with them these days. Everyone deserves a chance. These women will always have the chance to rise back and return to their throne of harmony.

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