Justin Timberlake Admits Lookalike Was A Dig At Britney Spears

The Sunday People reports *NSYNC star has admitted the blonde lookalike who sees him kiss another girl in his ‘Cry Me A River’ video was chosen as a dig at his ex.

Lust In The Air Between Whatmore & Timberlake?

January 26, 2003 – Pop Idol finalist has made no secret of her admiration for Justin Timberlake, and the Daily Star reports that after her performance of Automatic on CD:UK when Justin was about, he signaled a similar interest. “Sarah was talking to a friend and Justin walked past,” a source revealed. “He mouthed to a pal ‘Did you see that!'”

Justin Timberlake To Be On The Saturday Show

January 26, 2003 – Contributed by nellysgirl: *NSYNC star Justin is scheduled to be on the Saturday Show, a UK show on February 1st. The show will have Justin countdown the top ten live. Check your local listings.

Timberlake.330.ca Is Closed

January 26, 2003 – Contributed by britney4ever:

Justin Timberlake fan site Timberlake.330.ca is closed for good. That’s what the webmaster wrote on the home-page:

I’ve decided to close the site. There are many reasons. One being is that I lost interest in the site, people are so demanding, it’s hard to catch up with everything.. augh, it’s like a job instead of just a hobby or spending time online. I appreciate everyone visiting the site, thank you.

I put the site on hiatus for a while and I get a sh**load of hate mail. I have exams as well you know too. Anyway, to people who complained, be happy, I did very bad :)

Please don’t contact me telling me you want to take over, start your own site. I worked very hard to make this site known, and I don’t want to let anyone take all my hard work in seconds.. You have no idea how much I worked on this site.

And finally, don’t email me telling me to reopen, this is final. I’m really sick of the site.

Justin Timberlake Spotted At Planet Hollywood

January 26, 2003 – Contributed by nellysgirl: A Justin fan from the JJB spotted the Justin at the London Planet Hollyood. Here’s her reaction to seeing the pop star.

“Yup… I wasn’t even looking for him and I still managed to stumble across Mr. Justin Timberlake! Me and my mate were gonna go down to cd:uk but we couldn’t be bothered in the end, went to a party last night and got a little tipsy and didn’t get up quite early enough to do that! So anyway we went shopping in London about 12:30 and we went down to Leicester Square to do some stuff and we decided to go to Planet Hollywood for lunch. So there we are talking about how Britney and *NSYNC had both been there before and I said ‘Hmm, maybe Justin has been here then and my mate said ‘nah don’t be stupid’ and 5 minutes later we heard this ‘OH MY GOD…JUSTIN!!’ We were like it cant be!! And we look up to see Justin walking through the restaurant signing autographs for some people on his way out. We were like OMG!!! It was so cool and he is damn fine in the flesh!!”

Justin Timberlake Goes Clothes Shopping In London

January 26, 2003 – The Mirror reports Justin was spotted trying on clothes with a friend at Urban Outfitters on Kensington High Street in London.

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