Justin And Britney Mouthed Words At Teen Choice Awards

You Cant Own Me on the JJB message board was at the Teen Choice Awards last night and submitted her review. On the subject of the awards being a reunion of sorts for *NSYNC star and Britney Spears, she commented, “ET made it seem like they were going to be sitting soooo far apart when actually they were only a few rows away and had a perfect view of each other. It was nice to see that they were being civil adults, and at least PRETENDING to be friends because I [like everyone else who was watching their every move] saw Justin mouth something to her, and she mouthed something back, he smiled, she laughed, he laughed .. but people, it don’t mean they are back together. Don’t be that [naive] But it was still cool to see that they were friends.”

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4 thoughts on “Justin And Britney Mouthed Words At Teen Choice Awards

  1. gittystar19 says:

    I’m happy they are still friends. i wonder if they mouthed “i love you.” HAHA!! i do want them back together but it is good that they can still be friends!

  2. DiVa4LiFe says:

    On Extra! they showed a clip when Nsync won, and they showed Britney’s reaction, she look like she was disgusted by him, she had on her sun glasses but through it you can see her rolling her eyes.

  3. gittystar19 says:

    first-she was biting her nail…and i saw it… I didn’t see her roll her eyes. and they are friends…if they weren’t they would smile and laugh. they DIDN’T have to do that!! but we don’t know anything so whatever…let them live their lives. stop making assumptions.

  4. kitten says:

    yeah, that would’ve looked real cool, if she’d gotten up walked over to him and punched him-at least then every one would’ve known how much of a bitch she really is.

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