Justin And Cameron Ride The Wave Of Love

News of the World had photos, since removed, of Cameron Diaz with her boyfriend of *NSYNC while on vacation in Hawaii. An onlooker said the couple – who recently exchanged “friendship” rings— had eyes only for each other. “They seemed very together and in love, grabbing hands and kissing,” he added.

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6 thoughts on “Justin And Cameron Ride The Wave Of Love

  1. angelgurl12 says:

    I don’t wanna hear about them anymore they will not last. They don’t belong together.

    I hope they break up soon they look so not good together.

  2. Kizzardkid says:

    This is old, I thought someone already posted something like this. Anyway, he’s too skinny nowadays.

  3. justincaseyestwo says:

    These ARE very old. Been seen over and over and over. The extremely few pictures seen since then don’t show them like they are close. They look more like just plain friends than anything more. The body language in the more recent pictures tell a whole other story. Even the ones in Hawaii have some pictures that don’t show a close relationship. AND WHY does she always look like crap???? Can’t she fix herself up a little? She did the same with Jared Leto. I saw some pictures of him the other day and, my God, is he hot. I hope he keeps on pushing because he TRULY has the potential of being a truly fantastic actor. He can play so many different roles.

  4. popnicklover says:

    Justin is a VERY ugly looking little boy indeed…especially without all that makeup on. Aw…Justin needs to wear lots of makeup to look all “prettied up”!

  5. jenblade says:

    I hate them both. disgusting. I hope they will break up soon.

  6. Stallion says:

    ^You’re just bitter because Justin rejected your ugly ass.

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