Justin Guarini And Kelly Clarkson Talk ‘Idol’ On ‘TRL’

‘American Idol’ finalists Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Friday to talk about the show, being at the VMAs, and what’s up for the two after the show wraps up next week. Read on for a transcript.

Carson: This is Justin and Kelly from American Idol.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Carson: Nice to see you.

>> Thank you.

Carson: Hey, Justin. Welcome to the show. Thanks for making time for us.

>> Thank you.

Carson: Know you guys were there last night. We’ll talk about that in a second. May I say congratulations, the whole American Idol phenomenon, this craze, your life has become something you can explain us, but you made to I the fine two and that’s just remarkable. Congratulations.

>> Thank you.

>> Thank you.

Carson: For doing a great job.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Carson: Let’s start with you, Kelly. What do you think it is about yourself in general that enabled you to go this far?

>> Hopefully it’s a little of the vocal talent, hopefully. I hope hopefully people can relate to me. I’m not fake on camera. I’m real.

Carson: Justin, how about you?

>> I like to go out this and have fun. Vocal.

>> That had something to do with it.

Carson: But there’s so much media spotlight, so much pressure now. It has to be a little bit more than just your choice to not break town and to just remain composed when you’re on. How are you handling all the pressure?

>> Kind of what you sign up for and this is part of our dream and we really love it, which we do, we’re going to invest as much time and energy in it as we can.

>> Yeah. Good answer

>> Thanks.

Carson: Yeah, what he said.

>> Ditto.

Carson: You guys live together now, two? Let’s talk about the two of you. You spend a tremendous amount of time together. We saw you last night. Here you are today. Do you guys live together?

>> We lived in the house together.

>> We’ve moved out.

Carson: How was the tension between you two, because it comes down to —

>> So many people ask us, you guys competitors.

Carson: I didn’t ask that. I said the tension

>> No, no tension.

>> We’re just good friends. We’ve known each other from like the previous, previous auditions. Like we’ve known each other throughout the whole audition process.

Carson: Good. And the hair, the girls love the hair, Justin.

>> They do.

Carson: I know you get that all the type, too.

>> Thanks, guys. Just my hair.

Carson: I know. I know. 6 is Good Charlotte. Let’s talk about that for a bit. I talked to these guys last night. Good Charlotte, “lifestyles of the rich and the famous”. They’ll be in Portland Oregon if you’re there this Sunday. The video debuted when they were here ball game on August 22nd. Glass to see this one on TRL. It’s been to 5. Today it’s at 6. Good Charlotte. Let’s talk about last night. Was that a thrill to be in the room with all your favorite people? Who did you see that you were just like wow?

>> I loved Shakira. We got to meet –.

Carson: who did you meet?

>> T-boz from TLC and she was like, hi, and she new my name. And I was like, oh, god.

>> That was weird.

Carson: You guys gave the award for the best newcomer. Was maybe next year, this is where I want to be.

>> Of course you hope for that, of course, yeah.

Carson: Good. Just making sure. Quddus, where are you? You’re outside. You have a couple questions?

Quddus: Yeah, I’m here with grace actually and i want to know what you thought of the VMAs last night.

>> I thought they were great, especially P. Diddy’s performance when Pharrell came too, that made the night.

>> Big Pharrell fan.

>> Definitely.

>> He just jumped up on stage.

>> That was enough.

>> You came from Britain where the American Idol craze started.

>> Yeah, that finished in February and I’ve been missing it, so I had to come and see American Idol.

Quddus: Right, you got a question for Justin and Kelly.

Fan: Yeah, hi, guys. First of all, i want to say good luck for Tuesday.

>> Thank you.

>> Thanks.

>> I know you’ve got a single and a video coming out. Well, the winner of the competition does. And I’m just wondering, can you tell us anything about the song, like what kind of music it’s going to be, what direction you’re going in?

>> Well, I can tell you, it’s going to drop on the 17th.

>> Of September. And that’s really all we can say a now.

>> Gotta watch the show.

Fan: You can’t even tell us a little bit?

>>Relatively, where you go with it.

>>Tin —

>> Just recaptures the moments of the show.

>> That sums up the song. It’s a good closure song.

>> Okay. Thank you. And good luck.

>> You got it. You got it.

>> Thank you.

Carson: Hey, thank you.

>> No, thank you.

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