Justin Bieber Apologizes For Flipping Off Paparazzi

celebrated his 17th birthday by shopping and dining with girlfriend Selena Gomez, though he made the most headlines by flipping off a group of paparazzi. The Bieb also gave a nosey camerawoman a shove while at a 7-11 store after she got within inches of Justin and Selena. Afterward, the Canadian pop singer took to his Twitter account (@justinbieber) to apologize for his middle finger salute, writing:

Had a great birthday and at the end of the night we got surrounded by paps and I reacted in a way I know better. I’m sorry #killthemwithkindness

It’s not always easy but I know better than to react in anger.

On a better note I need to say THANK YOU to my fans. We raised over 40k for @charitywater for my birthday. We together #madeachange

Life has it’s ups and downs but you guys are always there for me. I will make my mistakes but I promise to continue to grow with you and try to do right

So thank you for a great birthday and an amazing gift of charity to help others. Another year but still the same kid. Still grateful. #makeachange

The lady in the store was paparazzi not a fan. I would never mistreat my fans. I’ll never change. I’ll always be the same. #ipromise

Watch the 7-Eleven incident at x17video.com.

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