Justin Bieber ‘Boyfriend’

Justin Bieber 'Boyfriend'

is out with his new single ‘Boyfriend’, the first release from the Canadian pop singer’s upcoming album ‘Believe’. “The song, it’s basically I’m talking to this girl, [saying] if I was your boyfriend, I would never let you go. We wrote it, and the verses I’m talking, rapping and then on the hook I’m singing. It’s a really awesome song,” Bieber told Ellen DeGeneres. Listen to the track via YouTube below.

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4 thoughts on “Justin Bieber ‘Boyfriend’

  1. prilyand doubleyoutwo says:

    the song is AMAZING !! :))

  2. melonie flores says:

    i love your songs

  3. alycia says:

    it this song i love you justih bieber

  4. Tremcia says:

    Justin Bieber is so sexy (;

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