Justin Bieber Discusses ‘Believe’, Older Fans & ‘Men In Black 3’

Justin Bieber on a UK radio promo tour for 'Believe'

came into the KISS studios in London recently to talk with Rickie, Melvin and Charlie. The Canadian pop singer spoke about his forthcoming album ‘Believe’, the lead single ‘Boyfriend’, tips on how to be a good boyfriend, meeting up with the boys from One Direction in the studio, his friendship with Chris Brown, seeing his mentor Usher the other day, getting a cameo role in the new ‘Men In Black 3’ movie and what to expect with the ‘Believe’ tour.

On ‘Boyfriend’:

‘Boyfriend’ was basically something me and Mike Posner wrote together and I just wanted to do something different, something a little more grown up. Something also that my fans would understand and get, that’s why we thought ‘Boyfriend’ would be the first single.

On going in a new direction:

My album in general, everything is so different on it. My whole album is just more mature in general and every song sounds different, so I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.

What makes a good boyfriend:

I think if you’re just patience and honest.

On meeting One Direction in the studio:

They came to the studio to hear my album. They wanted to hear the album so they came through and heard it. They loved it and that was pretty much it. We didn’t do anything like songs together or anything. There’s no plans now (to work with 1D), I’ve already done my album and they just put out their album, so right now there’s not really any plans.

On his concert movie ‘Never Say Never’ pulling in other demographics:

It’s so funny because older people are like I watched your movie, and I loved it. I mean in general like older people. Having that reaction has been great, knowing that my fan base isn’t just teen girls and I have people of all ages like my music.

On rapping on Chris Brown’s mixtape:

I’ve known Chris for a couple of years now, and just working with him on the last album and this album. So we’ve always collaborated and he’s one of my boys.

On if he’s still able to see Usher much:

I was with him the other day. He’s my mentor and we went out to dinner, and he was just talking to me about life and stuff. He’s a great guy.

On a ‘Men in Black 3’ cameo:

Just a little cameo. Will (Smith) is one of my good friends, and his son and family are all great to me, so he asked me to be in it.

Watch the interview via YouTube below.

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