Justin Bieber Discusses ‘Boyfriend’, Fondue & New Zealand

Justin Bieber 'Believe' looking serious

Liam McEwan interviewed for Auckland, New Zealand’s The Flea FM the other day. The Canadian pop singer talked about the single ‘Boyfriend’, how he’s a fan of fondue, and plans to tour New Zealand.

On ‘Boyfriend’:

Basically I worked with a producer named Mason and I worked with and we worked this song called ‘Boyfriend’ and it’s a really special song. It’s a really different sound and the hook is unexpected. It’s really a pleasant surprise when the audience members listen to my song.

On the random fondue line in ‘Boyfriend’:

I like fondue. I think it’s sexy.

On touring New Zealand:

I will man. I’m gonna be going it real soon. I can’t wait to be back. You guys are fun.

The brief interview and the songs ‘Boyfriend’ and ‘Baby’ at Soundcloud have since been removed.

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