Justin Bieber Discusses Importance Of Charity

Justin Bieber 'My World'

In October andPOP spoke with at We Day, a music festival hosted by Free The Children, a charity focused on children helping children. “I just think it was very important,” the teen said of his involvement. “The cause is great. Helping build schools and such. I’m involved with something that is called Pencils of Promise, and it helps build schools and stuff. But I just think this whole organization is amazing.” Bieber added that being involved in charity is “very cool” and girls involved with charities are “definitely” more attractive to him. Watch the comments below the cut.

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3 thoughts on “Justin Bieber Discusses Importance Of Charity

  1. crystal beck says:

    Justin you are my idol you are so hot and funny and cute

  2. nikko piring says:

    You are my no.1 fans

  3. Jonathan says:

    Justin although I am not a fan people like you inspire me to get involved with my community. You and princess Diana are one of the reasons why I like to volunteer for charities. I believe that it is the duty of every person to do charity. Keep up the good work because people like you have earned my respect. Thanks a million Justin!!!

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