Justin Bieber Performing At 2010 VMAs

Justin Bieber sitting in Atlantis

Justin Bieber has been added to the MTV Video Music Awards lineup, which will see the 16-year-old pop singer perform at the 12th event at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. “I’m excited to be performing at the VMAs. It is all still unbelievable, because last year I went for the first time and no one knew who I was,” said Bieber, who’s nominated for Best New Artist. “Just really shows that dreams can come true and what incredible, dedicated fans I have. I’m a lucky guy and grateful. Now I just want to get on that stage, have some fun in front of my heroes, because at the end of the day I’m still a kid and still a fan.” Read more.

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2 thoughts on “Justin Bieber Performing At 2010 VMAs

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  2. eleanor love JB says:

    I love you so much Justin!! I’ve been dreaming of you everyday until now… PLEASE come to MALAYSIA!! but come to MIRI, SARAWAK for my 13 years old birthday on MAY 12 next year!! :D I would love to see you perform ;) oh ya PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE follow me in twitter = eleanor120598 THANKS IF YOU READ THIS!! me+you=friends :)

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