Justin Bieber Performs ‘Baby’ & ‘One Time’ At Hammerstein

Billboard was on hand as performed ‘Baby’ and ‘One Time’ live at Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City. They also spoke with the 16-year-old about being on the Kids Choice Awards, why fans should by ‘My World 2.0’, not knowing why his fans seem to fight with fans, wanting to be in ‘Stepbrothers’ or ‘The Hangover’, and his “feud” with Raaaaaaaandy from FunnyOrDie.com. Watch the interview mixed with ‘One Time’ and the ‘Baby’ performance via YouTube below.

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  1. georgia lowe says:

    i think your amazing I really do I love you so much I dpnt care wha\t people say your my hero love you so much georgia lowe

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