Justin Bieber Wants To Remake ‘Grease’ With Miley Cyrus

tells The Sun he’d like to star in a remake of ‘Grease’ with Miley Cyrus, where he’d play Danny and the ‘Hannah Montana’ star would be his leading lady Sandy. “I would go for without hesitation,” the teen said. “She can sing, dance and act.” The Bieb also suggested Susan Boyle for the part of Principal McGee and a part for his celebrity crush Cheryl Cole. Read more.

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One thought on “Justin Bieber Wants To Remake ‘Grease’ With Miley Cyrus

  1. Anonymous says:

    I can’t believe it
    what is the world coming to
    Miley can’t act for sh**
    her last movie the last song was bad
    and yes not because you like her you have to give her a pass at acting
    go see people with REAL fu**ing talent
    Justine Bieber is too young
    also something no one though of
    would you see Justin Bieber in a
    street gang? really? the cuties little kid in a street gang? yeah right
    mark my word Justin will not live to see 20 if this movie comes to light

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