Justin Timberlake & Britney Spears Broke Up Twice

People Magazine’s Todd Gold spoke with who cleared things up about her break-up with star Justin Timberlake as well as the split between her parents. On the Timberlake split, Gold tells Access Hollywood, “Britney reveals for the first time that this breakup was a saga. First, Justin broke up with her and then they tried to reconcile. Then she broke up with him. She said that was the hardest part, making that decision, making that declaration to Justin that this was not going to be any longer.”

As for her parents divorce, Gold said, “She is pleased it’s happening and it’s official, that her parents fought when she was little and they are much better off apart.”

Justin Timberlake To Release ‘Justified’ November 12

August 21, 2002 – MTV News spoke with Justin about his debut album, titled ‘Justified’, which is set for a November 12th release. “I don’t want to say too much about it,” Timberlake said of the album. “I want people to get what they get from it. It’s definitely a new sound – not just from me, but period.” He added, “I think it’s cool. I hope everybody else does.” Read more.

Pharrell Calls Justin’s New Album ‘Incredible’

August 21, 2002 – MuchMusic caught up with the Neptunes and N.E.R.D.’s Pharrell Williams in Toronto over the weekend where he commented on Justin Timberlake’s new solo album. “The new Justin Timberlake, it’s incredible,” said Williams. “[*NSYNC] are all really talented, it’s just that we ended up working with Justin at this point. But his album is incredible and I say ‘globe get ready’.”

Justin Timberlake Phones Into KIIS FM

August 20, 2002 – KIIS FM has an audio clip of star Justin releasing his new song ‘Like I Love You’ and phoning in to Rick Dees to talk about the early leak of the single. Justin wondered how he got the album but said he was glad Rick played the album. Justin did confirm the mansion he bought in LA was in the $8 million range. Justin talked about recording the album in Virginia Beach, what’s left on the album, his insistence that *NSYNC will put out another album, but would be friends even if they didn’t, and more.

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9 thoughts on “Justin Timberlake & Britney Spears Broke Up Twice

  1. Syndney says:

    Isn’t it ironic. No offense to Alanis fans but isn’t it ironic that Britney is on 3 covers of magazine’s this weekend trying explain her behavior the last 5 months? People, US Weekly and Rolling Stones (again)? what more can she say about her break up and her off the wall antics? Someone thinks she needs to do damage control. Strange.

  2. gwen says:

    I’m glad that they broke up. They need to date other people or continue with the single life. I do wish them luck in love, even though I still don’t like Britney, but I do wish her and Justin the best.

  3. jimmyp says:

    US magazine doesn’t have her interview though, so its just their “sources”. The Rolling Stone article is about the Women of Music which comes out in October

  4. jrtzflyhunnie says:

    when i first heard they broke up, I was upset because they made a cute couple but now I’m glad that they broke up, because things weren’t working out for em. I wish them both good luck in there love life and think they both should date, or enjoy there single life.

  5. Dancer4Life says:

    I know can we stop with the whole Justin and Britney thing. Its getting old. Who really cares who broke up with who? Its a waste of time for her to keep trying to talk about the break-up. Justin doesn’t talk about it anymore.

  6. sweetcheeks says:

    I read this a think back to a time when Justin haters were saying…”Oh, Justin is such a meanie, he broke up with her over the phone! What a jerk!” That’s obviously not the case. On one hand, I’m glad to know the “truth”(can we really believe this?), but on the other, I feel bad for Justin. He tries to keep his personal business private, but somebody obviously doesn’t mind having their business out there. =)

    Anyhow, I hope Britney can find her peace of mind and move on, maybe start dating again. Same for Justin. ;)

  7. Ghetto_chick03 says:

    Don’t gimme that. Justin was the one who broke up wit her. That was the 1st and only time. She was the one who wanted to reconcile, he wanted to get on with his life even though he was hurting on the inside. Britney, she needs to move on. She’s still stuck on Justin. He don’t want her! She needs to understand that too. Its no surprise to me that she said that.

    Actually, I was ecstatically happy when they broke up. I’m glad they broke up too. Justin didn’t need that. Justin’s sexy, and he’ll find the perfect person out there for him whether its in or out the music business.

  8. sweetcheeks says:

    That was months after the break up. and he didn’t open his mouth. He simply said he was devastated over it, and he’ll always love her. On those other shows, he speaks carefully about the break up, never revealing too much or quite letting us know the whole story. Britney is the one who gives details, such as who broke up with who, when they got back together…that sort of thing. Justin is just a more private person than she is.

  9. Justin time chitown says:

    Funny how Justin books a movie to be linked in romantic role with Diaz 5 years after their breakup but wont even talk to Britney let alone do a movie or song with her.

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