Justin Guarini And Kelly Clarkson ‘Act Like A Couple’

Us Weekly is reporting that Kelly Clarkson, who won last year’s ‘American Idol,’ and runner-up Justin Guarini were “acting like a couple” when they were spotted shopping at the trendy Horn clothing boutique in Los Angeles recently. “We all thought that they were a couple. He acted like a boyfriend,” an eyewitness said. With their movie ‘From Justin to Kelly’, some question whether it was a move designed to spark publicity for the film.

Justin Guarini Explores Several Avenues On Debut

May 28, 2003 – Entertainment Weekly caught up with Justin and chatted about his forthcoming self-titled album (due June 10). Asked what he discovered about himself while making the album, Guarini said, “I discovered there are different avenues I could go down. I enjoy singing really soulful, sweet ballads so much. But I found on a lot of my tracks, there was a really gritty edge to my voice in my higher register. I explored that a lot, and people haven’t seen that side of me. The album’s got a good mix of soul, groove, and a little bit of edge. Not like hip-hop; more like hip-pop. And Babyface brought a real intelligence to the music with his melodies and harmonies; his tracks are like tapestries.” Check out the entire interview here.

Fans ‘Thankful’ For Bonus Software On Clarkson CD

May 27, 2003 – Billboard reports that more than 25% of fans who have purchased Kelly Clarkson’s album ‘Thankful’ (RCA) have downloaded software embedded on the CD that allows them to access bonus content from last season’s ‘American Idol’ winner, according to the technology’s provider Arcavista.

On Kidd Kraddick Show

May 27, 2003 – Kelly joined the Kidd Kraddick Show on Tuesday morning in studio to talk about her rising music career, tour plans, her praise for star JC Chasez’s vocal talents, the story behind who wrote ‘Miss Independent’ and her thoughts on Christina Aguilera, and the new movie ‘From Justin To Kelly’. Kelly revealed the second single from ‘Thankful’ will be ‘Low’. She tried playing the guitar and accidentally said “sh**”, and was mortified that she swore on the radio. Audio has since been removed.

Justin Guarini Amazed To Be Working With Babyface

May 15, 2003 – Justin tells Extra TV the biggest accomplishment since being on ‘Idol’ was teaming-up with superstar music producer Babyface, the man behind the music of Mariah Carey and Toni Braxton. Justin says, “And when I’m in the studio it’s like, ‘What am I doing here?’” As for rumors linking him to his movie/musical “From Justin to Kelly” co-star Kelly Clarkson, Justin says, “At this point, I give up when people try and put Kelly and I together. Think what you want to think. We’ve answered the question the same way a million times and just get over it.”

And Justin Guarini Offer ‘Idol’ Advice

April 28, 2003 – Last season’s ‘American Idol’ top two contestants Kelly and Justin offered their advice for the new crop of singers. Kelly says, “As big and glamorous as it all seems, remember [showbiz] is hard. You have to ask: Are you having fun? Is it worth it?” Justin added, “Remain centered in who you are. This industry is designed to put you off a little bit, and especially this show – that’s what the judging is.”

Does Justin Guarini Rock?

April 18, 2003 – Blender magazine spoke with Justin to determine whether he “rocked”. Asked if he could take Simon Cowell in a fight, Guarini said, “A physical fight? He’s a pretty big guy; I think I’d have to hit the gym. He lifts weights. He’s been threatened many times. Have I every wanted to hurt him? No! He’s a great guy.” Asked what was the most number of people he’s woken up with in a hotel bed, Guarini admits, “One. I don’t know if I rock, man!” Blender confirmed, Justin does not rock.

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