Justin Guarini Discusses Tea Council Scholarship Competition

Justin Guarini talks about tea during a morning show appearance‘American Idol’ season one runner-up spoke with Hannah Storm of ‘The Early Show’ on Monday (April 30) about the Tea Council scholarship competition and explains why he likes to drink tea.

“Basically what we’re doing is we’re helping educate people about the health benefits of tea and also helping educate in general by offering a $20,000 scholarship,” Guarini said before explaining the contest.

He added that he’s really a tea drinker. “It’s part of my daily warmup routine,” Justin said.

Watch the interview below.

Conan O’Brien’s ‘SAT Analogies’ Target Justin Guarini

February 13, 2007 – During Conan O’Brien’s ‘SAT Analogies’ skit on Monday night’s ‘Late Night’, the funnyman offered: “Simon Cowell is to ‘gets mean when the camera is turned on’ as Paula Abdul is to – ‘gets mean when the keg is turned off.’ … Dixie Chicks is to ‘cleaned up at the Grammys” as Justin Guarini is to – ‘literally cleaned up at the Grammys per his contract with Clean Co. Maintenance Incorporated’.”

Justin Guarini: I’ve Been A Busy Boy

July 6, 2006 – Justin checked in with fans on his blog at Mac.com on Monday (July 3). “I’ve been a busy boy. Sorry for the lag-time in the posts,” Guarini writes. “I’ve been in San Diego, Mass., and The Hamptons. Not to mention putting together a 3rd album. I had a fun time judging and performing at an American Idolesque show in San Diego… The Hamptons were a blast… pretty hard to complain about that. Coffey [Anderson] and I got to perform for the Core Club and The Creative Coalition (both heavy into the arts, to put it mildly) and the livin’ was easy.”

The update at web.mac.com has since been removed.

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