Justin Says Touring With Christina Not A Britney Diss

*NSYNC star Justin Timberlake was asked if touring with Christina Aguilera was in any way intended as a slight to Britney Spears, her teen pop rival and his ex-girlfriend. He responded, “I know I’d never do anything just for spite. I am just not that type of person. My decisions for my career have nothing to do with my personal life.”

Justin Timberlake Falls For Manchester Beauty

May 25, 2003 – Natalia Doherty has told of her night of passion with Justin to the Sunday People. The 21-year-old Manchester beauty cooed, “It was so amazing. He said I was better than Britney.” She now claims Timberlake is smitten with her, he has begged her to join him in Los Angeles when he finishes his UK tour this weekend. Pressed for details, Doherty said the pair hadn’t had sex, but there was plenty of passion nonetheless. “His kisses left me breathless. He said my bum was fantastic and Jennifer Lopez could eat her heart out. That made me laugh,” she said. “It would have been very easy for us to have sex but that would have detracted from how special the feelings were for both of us. If I’d slept with him that night then I would not have been any different to all the other girls who throw themselves at him for a bit of fun.”

Justin Timberlake Mania In The UK

May 25, 2003 – *NSYNC star Justin’s rep, Ken Sunshine, has responded to reports in The Sun that his client spend huge amounts of cash on his UK tour, causing it to be a break-even journey even though millions were earned in ticket sales. “It’s always fun and enlightening to read stories like this,” he tells the New York Post. “All I know is, to quote The Sun, Justin-mania is all over the U.K.”

Why Are They Lustin After Twerp Justin Timberlake?

May 25, 2003 – Dominic Mohan of The Sun is blasting Justin following his huge solo success in the UK. Mohan says the *NSYNC star “has no charisma. He dances like a second-rate Michael Jackson and possesses a girly voice that is best described as average. Inexplicably, this faceless twerp appears to have become the biggest star on the planet. Timberlake isn’t a superstar. He has little natural talent and will be forgotten in five years. Just mark my words.”

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